How Zomato got it’s name :

In 2008, Dipendra Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah
started a website name  where they posted hundreds of restaurant menu and their review of eating.

In a short span their website got popular and they thought their’s a huge market in restaurant search business

They wanted to expand their website but now with application

They found a need to change a name foodiebay because of 2 reasons.
1. They wanted a brand name due to which they can explore any other businesses
2. As their plan was to capture global market so they don’t wanna have issue with “ebay”
regarding same type of name.

During a meeting the name Zomato comes up and everyone seems loving it

Zomato is basically the combination of tomato and zing
Since it was a catchy name and it’s easy to remember this name got finalised

Now Zomato is the most promising startup in India with a net worth of around 22,500 crore
and now it’s prominent player in food delivering business.

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