How to select your stream after 10th

Okay so here don’t search for the stream
Go through Google and search for jobs and professions that are in trend Or have demand in future
Select 4-5 professions that inspire you
Now search for the skills required for that professions.

Now you have two case :
Weather you have that skills.
Or you can built that skills if you are passionate.

If you know which professions you have to persue.
So Google the course required for that profession.
If you know your course you can easily select your stream.

Don’t go for a job which pay you more and you are not interested
Rather ask yourself what’s the thing I can do passionately if I am not getting money in return.
If you are passionate for something you will master it and once you mastered it you will get what you deserve.

So go with step 1 and start reading about various professions.

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