How Flipkart got it’s first order

It was October 2007 VVK Chandra a freelance Web consultant lived in Mahabubnagar ( a small Town in Andhra Pradesh)

He was searching for a book ” John Wood’s memoir leaving Microsoft to Change the world”

His curiosity for book bought him to hyderabad where he visited every famous book store but couldn’t find the book.

Chandra usually blog about technique and internet one of his visitor Sachin bansal ( cofounder of Flipkart) left a comment of his website

VVK Chandra clicked in the link and found himself on a page which claims to deliver books online all over India.

Website look decent and was selling the book he needed the most. So Chandra decided to take a chance by ordering from it.

As the first order were placed there were cheer in the small 2BHK room in Bangalore where flipkart was just founded by two friends Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal.

Soon they realize the book was unavailable.

However after calling several Bookstores all over India they found the local bookstore in banglore has one copy left but the pages turned yellow and it was not in the good condition.

They mailed Chandra about the quality of the book to which Chandra replied “He just want that book, He wouldn’t mind with not so good condition of the book”.

Two days later the flipkart successfully delivered it’s first order the book to Chandra and gave him 10% discount.
Chandra wrote an awesome review in their website

Flipkart which originally started as an online book . Gradually they added other products on their online store and are now one of the largest Ecommerce company in India.

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