How is Chinese Apps Manuplating your data and Why we need to uninstall Chinese apps?

So first thing which comes to your mind is, Why to uninstall this Chinese apps? What’s the need of its Indian replacement?

1. Chinese apps are seeking excessive information from its user according to an independent study by an information security firm and some expert.

2. Six out of ten most popular Chinese app ask permission of camera and microphone even when it’s not required. Some of such apps are hello, Share it and UC Browser and many more

3.UC Browser asks the permission for location What’s the use? For ola and swiggy we can understand but why UC Browser?

4. The study commissioned by Economic times suggests that they shared data with seven other agencies

Tiktok sends data to Chinese telecom Vigovideos to Tencent Beauty Plus to Meitu UC Browser to Alibaba

5.Since there is no data privacy law in India compared to America and other European countries So the situation can be worsned in India. What’s the solution? As the message delivered by “Sonam Wanchuk” an Indian engineer, Innovator and Education Reformanist “Uninstall software in a week And Hardware in a year!

Switch to Indian originated app to support Indian EconomySo the conclusion of the topic is to uninstall the Chinese apps within a week and find it Indian replacement which will be initial step to boost Indian economy.

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